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Susan Croft

Thank you Kam for getting me back on track after a severe Shoulder labreal tear and hip labreal tear. I had been in so much pain and my sports doctor could only do so much. I had been to 2 top surgeons and they could not guarantee that surgery could help me. I have been training with Kam now for 6 weeks and I’m pain-free and able to start doing exercises that I have not been able to do in years. I’m also feeling calmer and more connected to my body. I would highly recommend Kam as a NeuroPhysics trainer. He is such a genuine person who cares for you and your body.

Chris Baker

Kam has literally saved my life!! I had a 5 and a half year addiction to all pain meds including Tramadol 100mg SR. Not only have I kicked ALL meds, but I am winning as a Father/Partner again and have my active life back!!!!

I can't explain how much joy NeuroPhysics has brought back into my life! Thank you Kam and Teneal soooo much. If you have long term Chronic Pain of any kind do NOT hesitate to fix it. GO GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!!!

Ben Elphick

I am only really just embarking on my neurophysics journey but my experience with Kam has been nothing short of amazing. I just finished the 4 day intensive therapy and during that time it was really clear to me that whatever was happening was occurring on a very deep level. I have poured tens of thousands of dollars into varying treatments/therapies/medications etc to no avail but there’s something very different here. Initially, it was very hard to understand how the therapy works but Kam really takes the time to thoroughly explain everything. Basically you are re-training your system and how it deals with stress by slowly and methodically realigning both sides of the body and brain through precise symmetrical movements in a relaxed state (in a physical sense and also environmental). I know I’m now working with tools that offer real life solutions to problems I’ve been in a desperate situation with for 15 years. Kam is a massive part of the solution ; his patience, support, knowledge and strength are inspirational. The environment where this all happens is state of the art - peaceful, clean and completely conducive to achieving the massive results that I’ve personally seen in friends of mine, again in instances where other treatments and modalities have failed. If you have been let down by other treatments for chronic issues or you’re just ready to take your physical and mental health to the next level, I can’t recommend Kam and his colleagues highly enough. Since last week something is massively different in me, namely for the first time in so long I really feel like I’m on track to not only take my physical and mental health back but also to absolutely thrive and become the strongest I’ve ever been in my 34 years. What’s more, I’m in control ; the therapy personally gives you the skills to change everything forever.

Kael Silk

I can highly recommend the NeuroPysics Therapy program under the guidance of Kam.

His warm, friendly demeanour and humbleness made me feel very comfortable during the initial week of therapy.

Kam is 100% dedicated to seeing the best results for his clients and he offers so much support during and following the training,Ive never felt such a commitment from a facilitator before and it really helped with my motivation and mindset.

This Therapy continues to astound me and I've seen dramatic improvement in my pain levels,strength,focus and resilience to life's little challenges.

It's been a life changing journey that I look forward to continuing and would recommend this to anyone suffering chronic pain or depression.

Leading Psychologist Northern NSW

Kam has a wonderful understanding of the nervous system and how we can learn to keep our balance and ourselves in balance.At your own pace, he teaches you weight training programs that everyone can do, regardless of physical condition. I highly recommend his work. 

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