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We are Making News!

Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy features strongly as the mechanism behind individual success stories in internationally distributed, highly inspirational books, film, as well as featured in TV shows such as 60 minutes, Fox Sports and National 9 and 7 News.

Check out below award winning documentary.

Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy Research Presented at Scientific Conferences

The research to-date about the method and its results has been presented at International symposiums, conferences and published in renowned journals – impressing many in the scientific community with the unexpectedly wide range of clinical applications and their striking results.


Neurology Conference 2019 Paris, France

Radio interview with Ken Ware, the founder of Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy

In the latest episode of the ATP Project Matt interviews Ken Ware. They talk about, not only how to use Chaos theory to get people out of wheelchairs and mobile again, but also how he can make people that are feeling good, feel awesome. They also discuss how you can get out of survival mode and into thrive mode

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