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My Journey

I am Kam Wilkinson and have been involved with NeuroPhysics Therapy since 2014. I have been applying the NeuroPhysics Therapy principles and programs into my everyday life and am practising as a NeuroPhysics TherapyPractitioner in Perth and Queensland. As a practising therapist, I have worked with many people, significantly improving their health and wellbeing and now specialise in complex disorders such as Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Anxiety, PTSD and Multiple Sclerosis. I am also fortunate enough to be a big part of the NeuroPhysics Therapy Educational team, guiding other students into their professional roles as practitioners.


Competing as an elite athlete in Rugby League for 7 years taught me to dig deep, back myself and to work hard in a team environment to achieve a result. Then working in team environments such as the Watch House and Underground Coal Mines I have learnt key skills in teamwork, care, respect, ensuring everyone is safe and looking out for each other. 

During my professional sporting years, I endured many injuries, that left me emotionally devastated and what felt like riding an emotional rollercoaster, up and down. I perceived I was doing the right thing and had tried many training regimes, supplements, eating styles and treatments, These all left me further asking questions and searching for the right way to take control of my system, physically and emotionally. Each had minor benefits and all were linear focused i.e if I train this way, I will get that result. I questioned this approach for a long time and asked 'surely we are much more complex than this?'. Finally, I found NeuroPhysics Therapy in 2014 which changed my life for good!

NeuroPhysics Therapy has taught me how to control my arousal, perform under high levels of stress, and correct any physical or emotional error. Personally, I have never felt better and more in control, so I want everyone to know and learn about this process and that they ultimately can detect, correct and fix any issue that they are dealing with.


It is very satisfying and humbling and I feel very proud to have these amazing NeuroPhysics skills which I use each day to guide and assist people using their bodies own self-healing mechanism to regain physical and emotional health. I look forward to assisting you through the various stages of your NeuroPhysics journey, where I can utilise these essential skills to upgrade and enhance your team and organisation. 

Latest Podcast



The Power of Neurophysics | Kam Wilkinson & Lachlan Stuart

Welcome to our podcast where we sit down with a true inspiration, a country boy from Longreach who has overcome adversity, injury, and personal struggles to become a leading practitioner in NeuroPhysics Therapy.

Our guest today is a former professional rugby league player who has turned his passion for helping others into a successful career and has dedicated his life to improving the lives of those who have been told there is no hope for recovery.



Conference Presentations + Invitations:


Presented and Moderated at The International Neurology and Neuroscience conference, Melbourne October 2019

Invitation - 4th International Neurological and Brain Disorders Conference, Rome, June 2020





Invitation to Moderate - 2nd International Neurology and Neuroscience conference, Dubai July 2021

Invitation 4th International Neurological and Brain Disorders Conference, Rome, September 2021

Presented - Presented Association for Clinical Neurology and Mental Health (ACNM) in association with MGM School of Physiotherapy, 26th & 27th February 2022 at MGM School of Physiotherapy, MGM Campus, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.










- Licensed Neurotricionist

- Educational Instructor Neurotricional Sciences

- Cert 3 + Cert 4 Personal Trainer

- Cert 4 Workplace Health and Safety

- Trainer + Assessor

- First AID + CPR

- Member of the APNN

- Cat 1 Thermography

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Kam Wilkinson Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy
Kam Wilkinson


KW NeuroPhysics Therapy - 275 River Street Ballina NSW

0428 583 820

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