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A World-Leading Rehabilitation + Performance Exercise Program

Rehabilitation Therapy

NeuroPhysics Therapy is a scientifically proven uniquely prescribed exercise based form of therapy and performance program that engages and triggers the body’s natural healing processes. For more than 3 decades, NeuroPhysics Therapy has consistently produced unprecedented outcomes and benefits for its clients, ranging from people with a wide variety of mild to severe complex health conditions  - to significantly enhancing athletic performance. In fact NeuroPhysics Therapy has attracted high profile global media attention on several occasions for the unprecedented outcome and benefits it has provided for its clients.


I am very proud to be involved with such a globally respected elite health, wellbeing and performance program. As a fully qualified and licenced Neurotricionist, it gives me great satisfaction in being able to provide my clients with all the outcomes and benefits that NeuroPhysics Therapy is respected for.

Life-Changing Benefits include:

- Improve General Well-Being

- Enhancing Business + Team Performance

- Improving Athletic Performance

- Sleeping Better

- Increase Muscle Tone + Strength

- Weight Loss Results

- Joint/Bone/Health/Cardiovascular + Nervous System Enhancements

- Improve Posture

- Control + Strength  Building Around All Environments in Life

- Physical, Emotional Control + Stability

Great Results with Complex Conditions Including: 

- Complete + Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

- Chronic Pain

- Fibromyalgia

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Auto-Immune Disorders

- Brain Injury

- Stroke

- Anxiety + PTSD​



NeuroPhysics Therapy is a truly holistic process that engages all physical, psychological, and emotional systems that influence the function of the whole human system.

Practically, NeuroPhysics therapy has been used for many years and helped thousands of people improve their lives in a variety of ways from optimising sports performance to dealing with a variety of chronic and acute physical and psychological ailments, through the leading-edge understanding of how the human nervous system utilises environmental information to coordinate its proper function.


Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy


KW NeuroPhysics Therapy - 275 River Street Ballina NSW

0428 583 820

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